SPIRIT Fitness offers users the freedom to record workout feedback via Bluetooth from SPIRIT equipment to an Android or Apple smart device. Users’ workout feedback is automatically saved to the integrated personal calendar, and the data can also be downloaded to the free SPIRIT FITNESS APP, or transferred to compatible fitness apps.


The New SPIRIT FIT APP is designed to monitor and record your workout data with all SPIRIT FITNESS equipment which now includes an integrated Bluetooth 4.0 module that is compatible with most iOS and Android mobile devices. 
Simply download the SPIRITFIT APP, set up the account, pair with your SPIRIT FITNESS equipment then you're ready to track your workout schedule, design your workout plan and set your workout program. All the personal profile and exercise data will be stored in your mobile device. You can now view your workout profile on your mobile device during your workout. Or you can watch a movie, news, check your mail while the SPIRITFIT APP continues to record your exercise data in the 
background. The SPIRITFIT APP also communicates with FitBit, iHealth, Record, mapmyfitness, Twitter, Facebook and other open source training apps so you can continue using the fitness apps that you are familiar with and keep all your workout history in one safe place.

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Well-known to be the largest geolocated video-sharing platform in the world, Kinomap provides training Apps to offer runners, cyclists and rowers willing to train on existing routes and energize their indoor training sessions.


Kinomap turns your exercise bike, treadmill or rowing machine into a powerful and fun fitness device. Choose a video and train on the Kinomap app. Watch your icon progress on the map as you follow the video. The app will change incline or resistance on your equipment to follow each video you choose in real time. Kinomap works on any training equipments using the camera of your smartphone or tablet.

All SPIRIT Bluetooth enabled equipments are now compatible with Kinomap. Join now and make your training session full with fun and excitement!

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